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E mail some pictures (if possible, an unbroken part front & back views) & basic dimensions if you have them.
Such as wheel diameter, glass hole size & distance form the edge of the glass.

EMAIL information to showerdoorparts@gmail.com

  • We strongly advise you read the additional information below
  • It is generally impossible to answer most parts queries over the phone
  • We aim to answer all queries by the end of the next working day

Frequently Asked Questions

Where possible, we have tried to link known brands with suitable replacement parts.
Often the original part. So if you can see your brand here, that is the best place to start. Otherwise please read on.

It looks the same so is it the right part? Very likely, but it is still better to do some basic measurements.
I cant see anything the same, will another one work? Yes, but only if the measurements are correct.
If it is the wrong one, can I return it? Yes, see our
returns policy.

Key general measurements when ordering wheels & rollers

A. Wheel Diameter - often interchangeable 23.5 for 25mm etc.

B. Glass Thickness - most rollers cover a range or thicknesses.

C. Distance of the hole from the edge of the glass.

D. Hole Size (diameter) of the hole (generally a roller for an 8mm hole will also fit 10mm etc).

E. Distance of wheel from outside of glass. Generally little variance and only occasionally necessary.

Some Key Points

  • If in doubt of any of the key sizes and where drop down options are available. Choose the larger wheel option & the larger glass hole option.
  • Still not sure? You can send in a picture of your part to showerdoorparts@gmail.com. We may ask you to send in the part itself. If so, it needs to be complete and with your contact details, (if we are not able to match it and you want it returned include a self addressed envelope). PLEASE DO NOT send parts in unless we ask you to do so.